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5895 ascent

21 years on Kili – 10,500 successful summits – Unlimited customisation.

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Our clients like to avoid crowds and enjoy an authentic wilderness experience.

When you travel across the world to experience Africa’s rugged beauty, you definitely don’t want to find yourself crowded amongst hoi polloi. That’s why 5895 Ascent has invested our vast experience in pioneering the best possible routes on Kilimanjaro that avoid the crowds, maximise acclimatise, and reduce to the lowest conceivable level the risk of succumbing to altitude sickness. 

Discover KILI’S authentic Beauty

smart ROUTES

We’ve pioneered unique custom routes on the mountain that steer clear of crowds and exploit Kilimanjaro’s topography to the greatest possible degree to achieve maximum acclimatisation and physical safety.

On Kilimanjaro the overwhelming majority of expeditions move along the southern slopes of Kilimanjaro’s summit cone, Kibo.

This is a bad idea for two reasons:

– there are unnecessary, severe undulations that deplete climbers’ stamina reserves completely needlessly

– the main routes suffer from as many as 300 people overpopulating the camps, making them noisy and detracting from this otherwise incredibly beautiful, pristine high altitude wilderness

5895 Ascent’s unique route configurations bypass these issues


Take a look at the way we do things and you’ll find we’re very different to the competition.

Kilimanjaro climbs are usually run as commercial undertakings. Our motivation is different. We run expeditions simply because we love this work and there’s nothing we’d rather be doing: the mountain, the country, the people – Tanzania is incredible.

Make a difference

Help us bring water to 4,000 maasai

Proceeds from every climb go toward our Gelai project where we’re hoping to bring copious, clean, running water to a vast community of Maasai whose cattle face drought and whose children are suffering.

Our people

Meet some of the people who make 5895 Ascent so special.

john rees-evans

Founder – overseen more than 10,500 successful summits in 21 years


Athumani Juma

Mountain Guide – led more than 300 successful summit bids in 14 years

Faraja Mwaijande

Mountain Guide – led more than 500 successful summit bids in 23 years

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