Climbers Briefing

WHJO x 3, 18th – 24th December 2017

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Chief Kilimanjaro Guide: Harold Lazaro, Assistant Guide: Prosper Marando, Cook: Nahumu Nkaya, Senior Porter: Yahaya Abdallah, Fadhil Mollel & Joseph Gabriel, Crew: Japhet Miage, James Robert, Revocatus Petter, Emmanuel Melek, Elinariki Philipo, Jishua Kasmir, Eric Rutandaza, Goodluck Mbise, Langael Kitomari & Maiko Mbise.

Trekking route: 7 Day TK Rongai

Latest journal received at 1705 GMT Sunday 17th December 2017:

Climbers briefing and mountain gear checking at Outpost lodge and they are happy and excited to start their trek tomorrow. Everything is well planned and organized for this climb.