When to Expect Updates

Many of our climbers have families and friends who live at longitudes many degrees east or west of Tanzania, especially in the US or in Australia. For those who live or work more than 30 degrees west or 60 degrees east of the Greenwich Meridian, it may be frustrating if they are regularly re-visiting the Live Kilimanjaro Updates section of our website (ie. this blog site) during their normal daylight hours, and not finding any new reports.

Reports Usually Submitted During Tanzanian Daylight Hours

For such friends and family of climbers we would ask that they please bear in mind that our mountain guides ordinarily submit their reports during daylight hours in Tanzania, as this is both when the climbers are moving (as opposed to sleeping), and when photography is possible (with respect to summit assault night). We ask therefore that those in the US or Australia please do not expect reports to be submitted by the guide of the group that they are following during their own waking / daylight hours, as these hours equate to Tanzania’s hours of darkness or relative inactivity.

Rather, reports should be expected to be posted between 0800 and 1900 Tanzanian time. Since many non-Tanzanian residents do not readily know the time difference between their own location and Tanzania, we express timings for received reports in GMT or BST. However, friends and family wanting to know the time in Tanzania should please click here:

Current time in Tanzania