Training Routes

We are very hopeful that climbers who have found good cardiovascular (cycling, running, etc) and hill training routes in their own countries, will be kind enough to share these routes with fellow-climbers that are looking for new routes and training ideas.

Those who own one of the new-ish Garmin GPSs whose data can be uploaded to a Mac or PC, and who are yet to discover this for themselves, and who are willing to share their training data, will need to:

1. Visit

2. Follow the instructions to set up a Garmin Connect account.

3. Mark any routes or sessions that you’ve done as ‘public’ by simply clicking on the padlock icon on the session summary until it’s in the unlocked position.

4. The result will be that other climbers will be able to play the route over a GoogleMap like this:

5. Once you’ve uploaded and edited the details of your route that you’re willing to share, please either post the link in the browser’s address bar onto our Facebook page or else create a new post in this blog.

Very many thanks in advance to those able and willing to assist other climbers in this way.

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