Summit Certificate

PETH x 5, 5th – 11th August 2017 – Day 7d

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Chief Kilimanjaro Guide: Joshua Rhuhimbi, Assistant Guides: Peter Makole & Abdalah Nzilwa, Cook: Omary Gembe, Senior Porter: Joshua Akyoo, Eliudy Zadock, Emanuel Alex, Jonathan Gunda & Device Mathayo, Toilet Porter: Ally Khatibu, Crew: Bryson Mziray, Japhee William, Paul Sigfrid, Shamsi Ramadhani, Abdul Ramadhani, Julius Kashmiri, Mwamedy Ally, Plus Paul, Yusuf Hussein & Juma Rajabu.

Trekking route: 7 Day TK Lemosho

Latest journal received at 1415 BST on Friday 11th August 2017:

Summit certificate from Team kilimanjaro was given to all climbers for their successful summit at Mt. Kilimanjaro as they are back safely at their hotel from the mountain.