Summit Certificate

MAMI x 3, 10th – 16th September 2018 – Day 7f

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Chief Kilimanjaro Guide: Faraja Mwaijande, Assistant Guide: Julius Mollel, Cook: Leopard Amon, Senior Porters:  Abdala Mbega, Laurent Raphael & Bizzu Ramadhan, Toilet Porter: Peterson Kimaro, Crew: Chiko Shaban, AmanLengingo, Joshua Marco, Ismail Hussein, Tumain Daniel, Laurent Kimaron, Joseph Mgina & Pendael Samuel.

Trekking route: 7 Day TK Rongai

Latest journal received at 1420 BST on Sunday 16th September 2018:

Summit certificate was given to both climbers after their successful summit at Mt. Kilimanjaro and they feel great and very happy.