Team Kilimanjaro Route Selection Statistics for 2011

Our climbers are discerning about their choice of route on Kilimanjaro and usually deliberate carefully over this decision. We are aware that it is therefore of interest to many climbers to follow these trends.

With this in mind we are pleased to be able to publish our Kilimanjaro route selection statistics for 2011.

The following broad headings include attempts via the Western Breach. More detailed information is available on request:

TK Rongai – 62.8%
Machame – 17.7%
TK Lemosho – 11.7%
Old Lemosho – 5.8%
Umbwe – 1.3%
Marangu – 0.2%
Shira – 0%

Since we offer full availability on all routes 364/5 days of the year, it should be noted that the above choices are entirely the result of climb groups’ decisions and not the consequence of any constraints that we impose. Additionally, please note that the above figures also reflect the choices of climbers booking through agents, who do not receive advice from TK directly prior to their climb. While agents’ bookings constitute quite a small minority of our climbs, this factor nonetheless accounts for higher than would otherwise be expected figures for Machame and Old Lemosho.

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