Kilimanjaro Enquiry

Please feel free to contact us at any stage in your planning process. However, if you are ready to go ahead and initiate the booking process, please rather use our Booking Form. The booking form is optional and bookings may alternatively be submitted simply via ongoing email correspondence, but many climbers find the full form helpful as it guides them systematically through the entire decision making process.

Enquiry Form

This form is intended for use for those wishing to make an initial enquiry and who possibly have not as yet made route and date decisions.
  • Please indicate the total number of people on behalf of whom you are enquiring. It is helpful to have an initial estimate of group size; however, there is no problem if this number changes at a later stage.
  • Even if you do not yet know when you hope to climb, please indicate this very roughly. Similarly, if you have some idea about your preferred route, please let us know. However developed your initial plans are - or otherwise - we are always very excited to hear from new adventurers!