Mia Giltinan

Mia Giltinan from Goolwa, Australia will be climbing Kilimanjaro from 07/01/2017 for 8 days days along the 7 Day TK Rongai Route. Proceeds from this Option 2 (subsidised) climb will be used to support Ikirwa School.

About Mia’s Campaign

Climbing for Education! Every child has the right to an education

We are three ladies who like to live life through experiences, take risks, and take on a challenge! We are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania Africa which is 5,895 metres or 19,341 feet above sea level. We climb to challenge ourselves and to push through adversity. However, this is not just about ourselves. We also climb as a prayer and as a fundraiser for Ikirwa School. Ikirwa School is a beautiful project that was co-founded by one of Team Kilimanjaro’s (our guide) members of staff and a client. A simple campfire conversation between a Tanzanian guide and a Russian-American tourist about a dream for Midawe children to have access to an English-language education and a dream to make a tangible contribution to the world became a reality. In 2011, Gasper and Masha established a small school near Arusha.

As women, we believe that all children have a right to education. and that education contributes to decreasing the risk of generational poverty.

Money raised will go towards the school construction project. – making more room for the growing numbers of students able to attend. The goal is $45,000 USD so that the next phase of construction can commence at the end of 2016.

The exciting part is that we have the opportunity to visit Ikirwa School before we begin our climb. As we searched and searched for a group to sponsor we desired a personal touch. Bonus!

The extra bonus is, that if we raise double our fees, our climbing guide, Team Kilimanjaro(TK), will say a big ‘thank you’ by allowing us to climb at no cost. Yes, all funds still go to Ikirwa School. Team Kilimanjaro are very committed to the locals, respecting culture, and valuing individuals by paying staff a living wage. They support and invest into the Masaai and displaced children as well. All contributing factors to us choosing TK as our guide. Love it!

Our Team Fundraising Goal: $15,000 USD

For more information about Ikirwa School, visit: http://www.ikirwaschool.org/




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