Nazeera Khan

Nazeera Khan from Johannesburg, South Africa will be climbing Kilimanjaro from 27/12/2016 for 7 days days along the Machame route. Proceeds from this Option 1 (unsubsidised) climb will be used to support the chosen charity: Foundation of Love.

About Nazeera’s Campaign

I’m a crazy and adventurous not forgetting loving soul. Lifes’ lessons have taught me that we should always explore new paths, avoid making the same mistakes twice and turn every moment into a loving memory. I am a volunteer and active member at the NPO I wish to raise funds for. I have been wanting to climb Kili for some years and it is now becoming a reality. I was told never do it just as a bucket list tick off or to get over stress/heartbreak but to do it for a purpose close to your heart. When that mental block kicks in during the summit night it needs to be ‘this’ purpose that carries you through. The NPO has been for a long time, just like me wanting to climb Kili, looking into buying a vehicle big enough for the kids in the home. I have assisted many a times with transportation of the kids and have seen how the kids were sometime stranded in the cold due to this and enduring the crazy conditions as I climb Kili, I know that seeing their faces cheering me on will help me reach the top. As I will shed tears of accomplishment at the highest peak, I pray that they too will shed tears of joy for their new mode of transport.