Luca van Dam

Luca van Dam from Pacifica, United States will be climbing Kilimanjaro from 12/06/2015 for 7 days days using the TK Rongai route. Proceeds from this Option 1 (unsubsidised) climb will be used to support David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

About Luca’s Campaign

Hello Everyone!
I am 1 month away from climbing Kilimanjaro as a fundraiser for David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. I would love to be a millionaire to be able to just write a check but I am not, so I need everyone’s help to support this incredible organization with it’s wonderful people that are working so incredibly hard to make sure that our beautiful majestic elephants and rhino’s don’t go extinct. Every single penny that you donate goes straight to the baby nursery! Please help me, help them! If you can’t do it yourself, please share my page to someone else that might be able to do it. If you have any questions please ask me!!

IMG_8343-Version-2-copyThe donation is tax deductible in the US at this link . For people outside the US, please go to…/pleasesponsor/Lucs-van-Dam

In the name of the little and big elephants that are and will be saved with your help, THANK YOU!!!!

Luca van Dam

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