Kyle Huber

Kyle Huber from Eden Prairie, United States will be climbing Kilimanjaro from 03/06/2018 using the Umbwe route. Proceeds from this Option 2 (subsidised) climb will be used to support his chosen charities.

I have elected to divide the funds between all 3 options available through TK – the Ikirwa English School, Korogwe Orphanage, and Nanapai Tribal Community. I strongly support these causes because I believe that every child should be able to thrive in a supportive and caring environment, while having access to education that will benefit them in modern society. Additionally, although my knowledge of the Nanapai is limited, I feel strongly about supporting their cause, since I will be coming into their homeland for my climb. It is the right thing to do to give back my proceeds to the needy, since I am an able bodied man and visitor to their country.

About Kyle’s Campaign

Greetings All,

“My name is Kyle and I am absolutely ecstatic to be provided with this opportunity to give back to those in need while simultaneously doing what I love – experiencing adventure, challenge, and the allure of nature at it’s finest. This will be my first attempt at climbing Kilimanjaro, and I plan to ascend via the most difficult (Umbwe) route. Although I am anticipating many trials and tribulations along the route, I am confident that with my extensive background in physical fitness and heavy bouts of endurance training, I will be victorious in this endeavor as well. I greatly appreciate your time and shared commitment in helping me turn this amazing goal into a reality!

Over the course of my life, I have embarked on various intercultural journeys, and have had many captivating experiences across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East which broadened my horizons, and instilled a tolerance within me for the unique cultures and personalities that share in the world I’m a part of. My goal is to bring this same level of enlightenment to as many people as possible by using my talents, both physically, and in writing, to connect people from my locality to organizations such as my chosen charity beneficiaries. In addition to this, I am a current Global Studies major with an intent to serve in the Peace Corps after graduation. I truly believe that by overcoming challenges such as Kilimanjaro in my free time, and advocating international diplomacy through my career, I can make a difference in this world and alter varying intercultural perspectives to reflect harmony, unison, and peace among diverse populations.”