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Allison Rees-Evans from Devon. UK,  has been nominated to take part in the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. The proceeds from this event will be given to Mbaramo Orphanage, Korogwe,

I will be returning to climb Kilimanjaro in the next year or so, but I wanted to register as a fundraiser now because I was nominated to do the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ which most Facebook users are probably well aware of. I decided that I would also use this challenge (as well as my next Kilimanjaro climb) to raise funds for Mbaramo Orphanage in Korogwe, instead of raising for ALS which most people taking on the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ will be doing, so I wanted to set up a site now so that anyone who wants to donate to this charity can do so through this site.

I will also be using this page to raise funds for this orphanage when my climb dates are set, but in the meantime, if you feel that you would like to donate to help the children at Mbaramo Orphanage, any donations would be gratefully received. Mbaramo is not well known because they use all of the money they receive to buy food and clothing for the children who live at the orphanage, or to buy fuel for their generator so that they have electricity. They do not have spare funds to spend on a fancy website or on promoting their cause. Often the poorest people who are most in need just simply do not get the funding they need because of course you need to spend money to promote any charity and make it known to potential fundraisers, which they simply do not have.

Mbaramo Village Orphanage is situated an hour north of the main road running from Arusha to Tanga, in the picturesque Korogwe District two hours west of Tanga. Mbaramo Orphanage welcome visitors and volunteers. Their building is also in much need of repair and they do not have running water, they collect water from rivers and streams and they only have electricity when they can afford fuel to run their generator.

The orphanage currently serves 24 orphans under the oversight of Pastor Herbert Mwaimu who sold his family land to set up this charity and does not take any income from donations received.

Please give anything you feel you can spare to this worthwhile cause, any donations will be gratefully received and will go a long way to help some of the poorest people on this planet.

Thank you!





  1. An anonymous donor has just sponsored $100.00 towards Allison Evans’s campaign

  2. An anonymous donor has just sponsored $5.00 towards Allison Evans’s campaign. “Wishing you all the best on your quest Ally 🙂 safe climbing love Laura xxx”

  3. NJG from Bideford has sponsored $5.00 towards Allison Evans’s campaign

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