Choosing a Charity

Team Kilimanjaro fundraisers have two options; either they can raise money for a charity of their own choice (this is Option 1), perhaps that relates to their own neighbourhood or pre-determined area of special interest, or, if they want to help a special cause in Africa, they may opt to raise money for one of the three charities that we work with in Tanzania (Option 2).

Where a climber selects Option 1, Team Kilimanjaro will offer a modest fundraiser’s discount of USD 17 per day, or USD 119 on a 7-day climb. If opting for Option 2 however, climbers are invited to try to raise a little over twice the value of their costs. Where they achieve this, the charity agrees to cover their climb costs.

Option 2 Charities

There are three charities that we work with, the founders of which we all know personally or have previously worked with professionally. These three causes are all projects that we thoroughly value and applaud as offering a rare degree of help to some of the least fortunate people in Tanzanian society.

Project A – Nanapai

Nanapai is a charity that seeks to help the Maasai and Hadzabe tribes in Tanzania. These tribes have uncomplainingly accepted huge losses in physical and territorial resources as the government has displaced them to allocate their ancestral lands for tourism purposes. We believe that the Tanzanian tourism industry owes a huge debt of gratitude to the Maasai and Hadzabe. We work with Nanapai predominantly to assist with:

  • helping small businesses gain expertise and prominence
  • promoting and publicising the traditional cultures of these tribes
  • assisting with education that is sympathetic to the Maasai and Hadzabe tribes’ traditional cultural values
  • providing medical care that seeks, where possible, to supplement treatment with traditional medications and remedies that – while very effective – are much more acceptable to these tribes than antibiotics
Raising funds for the Hadzabe is a great option for climbers who are going on safari after their climb and want to visit the benefactors of Nanapai in their own locations.

Project B – Ikirwa School

Ikirwa School is a beautiful project that was co-founded by one of our members of staff and one of our clients. Gasper is a Meru tribesmen with a desire to help the people in the place where he grew up, the southern slopes of Mount Meru. Masha Skuratovskaya is a Russian-American that visited Tanzania to spend a week with the Hadzabe and came to develop a great affection for the gentle people of Tanzania. Gasper and Masha have recently established a small school just some 30 minutes’ drive from Arusha. This is an excellent option for fundraisers that have just a day in hand before or after their climb and would like to visit the school for a couple of hours, and enjoy a walk to the nearby waterfall. This option functions well as a pre-climb warm up for Kilimanjaro.

Project C – Korogwe Orphanage

Founded by a pastor and family of local philanthropists who donated their own ancestral lands for the project and now subsist on extraordinarily little, Korogwe Orphanage is a hugely inspiring work of some of the purest altruism that we have witnessed in Tanzania, providing an indispensable service to the local community. When we discovered Korogwe Orphanage it became clear to us that the founding family had suffered considerable personal losses to maintain the work, even selling their own assets to maintain the children. Team Kilimanjaro has a strong desire to support this work.

Korogwe is remote from Arusha and supporters of this project will not usually have the opportunity to visit the work. Team Kilimanjaro has however, recently developed a special 11-day safari that covers rarely visited terrain, finishing the classical northern circuit game viewing phase in Tarangire, before crossing the Maasai lands to the Usambara Mountains, at the foot of which Korogwe Orphanage is situated. Following a visit to the orphanage, our route proceeds to Fish Eagle Point for relaxation on the unspoilt beaches of Tanzania’s East Coast.

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