Stephanie Greiner

Stephanie Greiner from Basel, Switzerland will be climbing 7 days TK Rongai Route from 5th – 11th August 2014 for The Hope Academy for Girls. The proceeds from this unsubsidised campaign will be used for a good cause to support girls and young woman’s in Sierra Leone.


Yes, we are climbing the roof of Africa in support of the Hope Academy for Girls in Sierra Leone, a self sustaining, multi-purpose school for at-risk girls in the western rural area of Sierra Leone, West Africa.

On the 5th of August we will embark on a big adventure up Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895 metres above sea level! Since neither of us have ever gone up that high or are somewhat frequent trekkers, this is going to be a pretty big challenge! But, we are ready to go kili for hope and give it our all!

Why Hope Academy?

As women and mothers, we carry the responsibility to frame a better future. There is an urgent need to empower girls and young women by strengthening their self-worth and self-trust. Young women everywhere need to become aware of the gift and duty they hold to shape our society. It is therefore encouraging and inspiring to come across constructive projects like the Hope Academy for Girls who seek to help disadvantaged girls and young women fulfill their potential and allow them to experience a sense of freedom as well as a sense of belonging and responsibility.

A donation to Hope Academy can mean that one more girl child has the education she needs to change her life! A gift of any size helps to provide the facilities, resources and educators needed to make this school an effective and efficient learning environment for the girls and community of the western rural region of Sierra Leone. Because they are a grassroots organisation, relying entirely on volunteers, 100% of donations will go towards the school. We know that The Hope Academy for Girls is a labor of love for everyone involved in the project and that the whole team is truly committed and determined to ensure that every girl who joins the school is assured of their value and given the opportunity to build a better future for themselves, their community and the world!

To learn more about this amazing project please visit the Hope Academy for Girls website:

Anything you donate counts and can mean the world to a child! One dinner less or a night of drinks for you can mean a year supply of school material for a whole class! Whatever you can give, will make a difference, so please help us keep the torch of hope lighted and burning strongly!!

Thank you from the heart!
Stephy & Alex

Hope Academy for Girls operates under the registered charity Hope Education Trust in Sierra Leone (charity number 321/6112914/2013), and is pending registration as a charity in the UK.


This campaign closed, having not raised any funds via this website.

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