Loubna Charef

Loubna Charef from Dubai, United Arab Emirates will be climbing the 7 day TK Rongai Route from 4th – 10th September 2014 for Nanapai. The proceeds from this subsidised campaign will be divided between Ikirwa School, Mbaramo Orphanage (Korogwe), and the work of  Nanapai amongst the Maasai and Hadzabe tribes in Tanzania.

I’m a 26 years old girl who started 2 years ago a self discovery journey through traveling and meeting people from all over the world ,learning about cultures. I learned and saw a lot in this 2 years , the most valuable lesson is about helping other, making a difference in their lives , there are many different ways, and different form of helping,by helping other you are helping your self in the same time helping others make you happier, healthier, In life what goes around come around, and any one can make a difference just by smiling.
I want to make a difference in this world , starting a butterfly effect ( a very small change in the initial condition can result in a significantly different outcome) I want to start by making a change in the lives of the children in Korogwe orphenage, ikirwa school and Nanapai, by supporting them to reach their full potential, to have a chance in better education, better future, a chance to have a childhood to make the best of it.
Let joined hands to achieve that. After all children are great imitators, so let give them something great to imitate.

Nanapai website – www.nanapai.org

Ikirwa school website – www.ikirwaschool.org

Korogwe Orphanage website – www.africaharvestofhope.org


  1. Loubna Charef from Dubai has sponsored $10.00 towards Loubna Charef’s campaign. “My gold is not only to raise money for charity but to promote an idea about helping others, giving back to community and society. Helping other can take many forms, a smile at a stranger, Give one of your favorite inspirational books away to a stranger, a hug , or just by following your dream like me and still be helping.
    While helping other on reality we are helping ourselves, when we hold on tightly to the things that are not working in our lives, we don’t give them room to heal. By shifting our attention to others, we often realize that our “problems” are never as bad as we perceive them to be in the first place. Sometimes they are even miraculously healed.”

  2. Jordi from Dubai has sponsored $20.00 towards Loubna Charef’s campaign.

  3. Omar Helmy from Dubai has sponsored $50.00 towards Loubna Charef’s campaign.

  4. Ally from TK has sponsored $10.00 towards Loubna Charef’s campaign. “Dear Loubna,

    I hope you have a great time on Mount Kilimanjaro and I wish you every success with your climb.

    Best wishes, Ally”

  5. soukaina

    slt Loubna.Je ss Soukaina, je ne sais pas si tu te rappelles de moi ou nn.On a étudié ensemble au lycée à Mly Youssef et à la fac.stp, communique moi tes coordonnées.

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