Janet Green

Janet Green from Little Neston, Cheshire, United Kingdom will be climbing the 6 day TK Rongai Route from 28th february – 5th march 2014 for Parkinsons Disease . The proceeds from this unsubsidised campaign will be used for a good cause to support the fight against Parkinsons Disease.

My friends and I are hoping to climb Kilimanjara to help celebrate my friends 60th birthday – Carmel

I am a nurse working with care of the elderly, currently working in a nursing home in Brimstage on the Wirral; and therefore see many different and varying illness which residents, friends and families find hard to deal with and understand why this happening, and what can be done to help me and improve my quality of life.
I have decided to raise funds for Parkinsons Disease, my Dad suffers from this disease; and therefore it is in the forefront off my families mind, every day.
I feel that this is a dilapidating condition that locks people away inside themselves, and can it only gives windows of their old self back, and these times become fewer and fewer. Its a disease which, not a lot is known about it, there are medications to help but these carry with them strong horrid side effects, so I hope that supporting Parkinsons society will help make more people aware of it and that more money can go into making the lives of these people more dignified and to maintain a good quality of life for a longer period. Ideally off course a cure would be perfect, but I, as any other family member just wants to keep hold of that person and help protect them from this disease.

This campaign closed, having not raised any funds via this website.



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