Amy & Dhruv Kaushik

Amy & Dhruv Kaushik from Dubai, United Arab Emirates will be climbing the 7 day TK Rongai Route from 1st – 7th July 2014 for Ikirwa School. The proceeds from this subsidised campaign will be used for a good cause to support education and develop better life for children in Tanzania .

We are middle-school students and this summer both of us along with our Dad are headed out to Tanzania to make an attempt to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro.

While planning for the trip we heard of a special school “The Ikirwa School” and realized that we could possibly help the school and the students and give back in a small way.

We are hoping to raise USD 1000/- for the Ikirwa School and towards this end could we request your contribution to this endeavour.

Thank you for your support & encouragement in advance,
Amy & Dhruv

It has been reported to us that Amy and Dhriv have been particularly successful in raising monies for their chosen Charity – Irikwa School, and we understand the current figure to be in excess of AED 5,900

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