Shirley Tong

Shirley Tong from Brisbane, Queensland in Australia will be climbing the 7 day TK Rongai Route from 15th – 21st September 2013, for Korogwe Orphanage. The proceeds from Shirley ‘s campaign will be used for a good cause to support Korogwe Orphanage in Tanzania.

In September this year, I am planning to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Standing at almost 5900m above sea level, Mt Kili is the highest mountain in Africa. The climb will take me 7 days and I’m doing it with Team Kilimanjaro.

As most of you know, I love going on new adventures and exploring the world. But often I have travelled more as a tourist than allowing myself to fully immerse in communities and local issues. I’ve decided to do something different this time.

Team Kilimanjaro offers a great opportunity for climbers to raise money for local charities, and the one I’ve chosen is Korogwe Orphanage. Korogwe Orphanage is based in one of the poorest regions of Tanzania. It does great work for local orphans by providing education and teaching them how to be self-reliant.

You can donate from this page. You will need a Paypal account and the donations will be made in USD. My initial plan is to raise a total $1000 USD. So I would very much appreciate your support!

This campaign closed, having raised USD 200.


  1. ST from Brisbane has sponsored $50.00 towards Shirley Tong’s campaign.

  2. P.N. from Canberra has sponsored $50.00 towards Shirley Tong’s campaign.

  3. MOQ from Canberra has sponsored $100.00 towards Shirley Tong’s campaign.


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