Karen and Alan Spriggs

Karen and Alan Spriggs from Colorado, United States will be climbing the 7 Day TK Machame Route from 26th July – 1st August 2013. The proceeds from Karen and Alan’s campaign will be directed to support Ikirwa school.

Two years ago my lovely bride and I were married on a mountaintop in Colorado. The ranger who showed us the venue mentioned having raised money through his wedding for an orphanage in Africa instead of accumulating wedding gifts they really didn’t need. We loved this idea but couldn’t find a charity we knew enough about to support in Africa. Through generous friends and family, we ended up raising around $3000 to help build a well in a small village in Central Asia. Now we are heading to Africa to fulfill a lifelong dream of climbing Kilimanjaro. We chose the Ikirwa school, because we want to support a project which empowers others rather than creates dependency. We are pleased to support the Ikirwa school, because we are both schoolteachers and believe in the power of education.

In the interest of being completely transparent, we want to make it clear that part of your donation will go to supporting the cost of climbing Kilimanjaro. For more details, please read the Charity Climbs section of the Team Kilimanjaro website. For those of you who would feel more comfortable with a more traditional form of giving, we ask you to consider supporting the wonderful work of Crutches4Africa by going to their website and making a donation in honor of our climb. We humbly and sincerely thank you for your donations and your prayers and well-wishes!

This campaign closed, having raised USD 540.


  1. PA from Wheat Ridge, CO has sponsored $20.00 towards Karen and Alan Spriggs’s campaign. “Have an awesome time, we will be praying for you!”

  2. Carolyn and Mark Muchna from Prescott, AZ 86305 has sponsored $500.00 towards Karen and Alan Spriggs’s campaign. “Congratulations! We are excited about your adventure:) and continue to pray for you. Enjoy sharing the incredible beauty of God’s creation together. Much love, Carolyn and Mark”

  3. MJM from Flagstaff has sponsored $20.00 towards Karen and Alan Spriggs’s campaign. “Sending you both good vibes from AZ!! I’ve been bragging about you guys all week. To the peak! Hugs, Matt”


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