This area of the site is for those wishing to climb Kilimanjaro for charity, using either Option 1 or Option 2, as detailed on our Kilimanjaro for Charity page.

The process of fundraising for charity with us is very straightforward, and requires the following processes to be completed. Once you have provided all the requested information, we will create a special fundraising page for you that will allow you to share details of your campaign with friends and family and to track the progress of your fundraising efforts as your climb approaches.

  • 1. Decide which charity or charities you wish to raise funds for. (Bear in mind that if you climb for one of the three charities with which we have a special arrangement, it is possible to have your climb costs subsidised by as much as 100%, provided that the appropriate fundraising target is achieved).
  • 2. Compose a few words for your campaign page. These should briefly describe your decision to raise funds for your chosen charity and aim to motivate your readers to support your efforts.
  • 3. Find a photograph of yourself to be featured on your campaign page. We suggest that this should either be an image of you in training for the climb or else one that associates you with your chosen cause (where this is an Option 1 charity located close to your place of residence).
  • 4. Complete the fundraisers’ registration form. Once we receive this, we will begin work on your campaign page and shortly thereafter send you a link to post on your Facebook page (if you have one), and to disseminate to your friends and family.
  • 5. Once you receive confirmation, you’ll be able to begin your attempts to obtain publicity for your cause and to attract sponsorship and donations from as many people as possible!