Contact Us

To contact Team Kilimanjaro, please either complete the enquiry form (if you want to establish dialogue with us), the booking form (if you’re already ready to go ahead and book), email us, or call us using the following details:

  • Email:
  • UK Landline: +44 207 193 5895
  • UK Mobile: +44 777 123 5895

Team Kilimanjaro Numbers for Climbers Within Tanzania

If you use either of these numbers to try to book a climb, the operators will not really be equipped to assist you very well, but if your flight is delayed, or you’re already in Tanzania and can’t find your driver at the airport, or perhaps you want to visit the office to meet one of our guides, these are good numbers to use.

Please be very patient when trying to call these numbers as the operatives simultaneously man several lines, are very mobile, and spend a great deal of time on calls each day liaising between command levels. If you’re frustrated and can’t get through, please try SMS’ing. It’s also a good idea to text-message the UK mobile above, as we have additional means of chasing our local operatives if you cannot reach one of them yourself.

  • TK Base Airtel Network Mobile: +255 78 777 5895
  • TK Base Vodacom Network Mobile: +255 76 777 5895

What To Do if You Can’t Get Through on Any Numbers

Finally, if everything seems to be failing, as a last resort please call our message service on +44 207 060 5895. Once you get through you’ll be asked to leave a message up to ten minutes long. Please be as clear, expansive and detailed as possible, aiming to ensure that there is enough information contained within this message to equip us to do whatever is necessary on our side to obtain a solution to whatever challenge you may be facing. As soon as you’ve left this message it will be converted into an mp3 file and automatically emailed to 3 people: two senior coordinators and our senior administrator, most of whom continue to check emails until late into the night. One way of another, we trust we’ll be available to assist you with only a very short delay in the worst case scenario event.