Way to Moir Hut

CLKA x 2, 2nd – 9th June 2018 – Day 3b

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Chief Kilimanjaro Guide: John Naiman, Assistant Guide: Leodgard Sarita, Cook: William Nyari, Senior Porters: Jastin Maretu & George Charles, Toilet Porter: Maziku Nkwabi, Crew: Manase Mnzava, Frank Owenya, Alex Nyari, Jastin Napaya, Ismael Hatib, Godfrey Amos, Mosses Papai & Victor Joachim.

Trekking route: 8 Day TK Lemosho

Latest journal received at 0920 BST on Wednesday 4th July 2018:

We are now on the way heading to Moir hut camp and all climbers are having a great time at the mountain.