Happy Climbers

CIQU x 2, 15th – 21st June 2018 – Day 1b

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Chief Kilimanjaro Guide: Kefas Molle, Assistant Guide: Raimond Olotu, Cook: Nickson James, Senior Porters:  Ayubu Sakeyan & Elias Njuu, Crew: Kizito Loomuni, Nicson Kivuyo, Mika Moinget, Olais Maasai, Emanuel Zebedayo, Ombeni Msuya & Athumani Mikael

Trekking route: 7 Day TK Rongai

Latest journal received at 0802 BST on Friday 15th June 2018:

We collected both climbers at their hotel and they are excited and happy to start their climb today, 7 days of glorious hiking to the magnificent Mt. Kilimanjaro