Way to School Hut

AARA x 2, 21st – 27th October 2017 – Day 5c

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Chief Kilimanjaro Guide:  Joshua Rhuhimbi, Assistant Guide: Fred Achedo, Cook: Omary Gembe, Crew: Julius Kashmiri, Calvin Kashmiri, Eliudy Zadock & Haruna Mensa, Toilet Porter: Shedrack Olota, Crew: Godson Nko
Erick Salimu, Athuman Ramadhani, John William, Japhet Willium, Maziku Kwabi, Shedrack Olota, Paul Sigfrid & Shamsi Ramadhani.

Trekking route: 7 Day TK Lemosho

Latest journal received at 0922 BST  Wednesday 25th October 2017:

Everything is doing very well here as we are on the way heading to School hut, our last stop before our summit attempt tomorrow.